Building Information Modeling

Enhanced Coordination & Collaboration

Chiller Plant Design in Revit MEP
Chiller Plant As-Built

We have been using Building Information Modeling (BIM) software since 2012 and have the expertise to take full advantage of its benefits. The 3D model provides us with the information we need to design mechanical systems suited to the space, leading to faster design times, as well as early coordination and conflict-identification with other disciplines.

The wealth of information provided by the model improves the accuracy, efficiency, and quality of our designs as well as our ability to reliably estimate construction costs.  The BIM software also provides digital tools for system analysis to complement the time-tested engineering methods that form the backbone of our designs. These tools allow us to quickly compare alternatives and identify the optimal system design.

Improved designs call for improved documentation, and BIM software gives us the ability to cut sections, make isometrics, and draw 3D views in an instant, which leads to construction documents that clearly communicate the intended design.

The final result is a high-quality mechanical system designed to fit in your building, as well as in your budget.