Albany County Courthouse

Albany County – Laramie, Wyoming

The Albany County Courthouse is a four-story, 32,000-square-foot building located in Laramie, Wyoming. The building underwent a major renovation in 2005 that included replacing the mechanical systems and exterior windows.

This 2012 project provided energy enhancements and retro-commissioning for the 2005 renovation by optimizing the mechanical systems, updating and re-commissioning the building temperature controls, and replacing the building air-cooled chiller. Some of the energy efficiency enhancements included converting the heating and chilled water pumping systems to variable flow, updating the building temperature controls sequences and optimizing the building energy recovery ventilation system. This project exemplifies the importance of the retro-commissioning process for existing buildings. Not only did it increase the system performance and occupant comfort, but for minimal investment, it also saved energy and energy costs for the County.